Compliance Monitoring Policy and Objectives

Compliance Monitoring System of Our Approved Training Organization; It was established in accordance with TS-ISO-9001:2015 standards. The main task of our organization is to maintain the Compliance Monitoring of our products and all our services. In order to achieve the goal of training pilots who will not make mistakes in their duties, the importance given to Compliance Monitoring has been increased many times over.

Being aware of the value of human resource, the most important service of our university, , which is the trust of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, named after the Turkish Aeronautical Association the founder of our Republic, is to educate Turkish youth about aviation. As with the trainings provided in other academic departments within our university, the flight training we provide as UTAA ATO is at the higher education level and at international standards. Our university is the first and only specialized university in the field of aviation not only in Turkey but also in the region as a geographical location. A Compliance Monitoring policy has been adopted in order to be determined to maintain its assertive position since the day it was founded and to carry out ATO activities in line with this purpose.

Our organization will continue its activities with “0%” concession in order to further expand its targets in the future with its Compliance Monitoring policy structuring. As UTAA ATO, the items listed below constitute our general policies.

  • To establish and maintain a documentation system within the framework of legal requirements for all activities carried out within the body of UTAA ATO
  • Being responsible for the content of the Management System and adding international rules and regulations to the handbook while fulfilling the requirements specified in the operating manual,
  • To understand the content and definition of the Management System and to ensure that all tasks are fully fulfilled according to the management system
  • Ensure that all personnel are familiar with the details of the Compliance Monitoring System and ensure that they follow the instructions of the Compliance Monitoring System