How long is the training period of the Flight Training Department?
Our Flight Training Department covers a total of 5 years, including the Prep School. Students who are exempt from the English exam receive 4 years of academic education.

With which score type does the Flight Training Department accept students?
Students with MF-4 score types are accepted to the Flight Training Department.

What is the type of training provided in the Flight Training Department? What is the pilot license to be obtained at the end of the training?
Modular ATP(A) training is given in the Flight Training Department. At the end of this training, our graduates have "ATP(A) Frozen", that is, "Frozen ATP(A)" license.

Are there any requirements for application to the Flight Training Department, different from other departments?

It is necessary to have a valid First Class health certificate, which shows that there is no obstacle to becoming a pilot, issued by medical centers authorized by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), and to meet the other conditions stipulated in the applications for the pilot license specified in the DGCA Pilot License Regulation SHY-1. A list of authorized medical centers is available here. It is obligatory to renew these health certificates once a year from the date of examination.

What happens if a student who is attend in the Flight Training Department loses the necessary health conditions to become a pilot at any time during his/her education?
This will vary depending on the year the student lost his or her health condition. Based on the applications of students who cannot obtain the required health report, it may be possible to transfer to other programs if the conditions specified in the current regulations of the Higher Education Council and our University are met.

How much will be paid for training in the Flight Training Department?
Flight training fees at our university consist of tuition fees and flight training fees. The tuition fees determined by the Board of Trustees of our university can be learned from the Flight Training Department. This fee does not include license application and certification fees to be paid to the General Directorate of Civil Aviation (SHGM), DGCA exam flight pilot and paperwork fees, refresher training fees, DGCA pilot exam fees, medical report fees,  the food, accommodation, and transportation expenses required for the training to be made.

Are flight training fees charged to students who are attend in the Flight Training Department with full scholarship?
Students who are attended with full scholarship do not pay the tuition fee and the flight tuition fee. All other expenses are the responsibility of the student.

Which flights does the training given in the Flight Training Department cover?
45 hours Private Pilot License flight (PPL)
88 hours Pilot in Command flight (PIC)
5 hours Night flight (NR)
50 hours Instrument Rating (IR)
15 hours Commercial Pilot License (CPL) flight
15 hours Multi Engine (ME)
2 hours CPL/ME Control Flight
20 hours Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC)
A total of at least 240 hours of actual flight training is provided.

Where will the actual flight training take place?
Actual flight training can be carried out at Ankara Etimesgut Airport, İzmir Efes Airport, and Antalya Karain Aviation Training Center.