Safety Policy and Goals

The aviation industry is a constantly evolving field based on high costs. Accidents caused by neglect or error can cause loss of life and property. UTAA ATO’s management policy is to ensure that all safety activities required during the training are carried out completely and to find the necessary resources within this scope. Thus, any errors that may occur within the ATO will be at an acceptable risk level. In addition, UTAA ATO aims to maximize safety standards in accordance with legal regulations and to give employees a high level of responsibility. Safety is the most important principle. Within the scope of aviation activities, many strategies are created, implemented, maintained, and developed. Consequently, the highest safety performance levels are followed, and national/international standards are targeted. Safety Management System is built on the philosophy of continuous improvement with the participation of all personnel. Reliable training are provided in this field within the structure of UTAA in accordance with international standards. As a result, the Safety Management System established within the body of UTAA  ATO aims to fully meet the requirements set by the DGCA, PART-FCL, and PART-ORA.

In this context, the following items are defined as UTAA  ATO Safety Management System policies and objectives:
• Analyzing current and planned activities, taking precautions and avoiding unwanted events,
• To examine the safety reports submitted by ATO personnel and to ensure that necessary safety measures are taken,
• Ensuring the participation of UTAA ATO personnel to SMS meetings in certain periods,
• Organizing in-house training in order to keep the personnel from technological developments and innovations.