The pilot profession one of the most popular professions of the age and that is more important today than it was yesterday. Because today we fly with flight systems with the highest level of technical competence. We use technological possibilities at the highest level in every component of avionics such as communication, guidance, control and navigation technologies, remote sensing, and evaluation systems included in these systems. As a natural consequence of this, we develop systems that are more complex but more capable over time. The need for successful pilots who can successfully design and manage these products is increasing day by day in the aviation industry, where technological advances come to life in the fastest way.

Today's problems are more unsolved than yesterday, and the complexity of today's problems is much higher. However, today's pilot candidates also have more opportunities to access information and transform information into products than yesterday.

Thanks to our campus, which includes an airport, a unique education, and training opportunity to specialize in aviation are offered by our faculty. The aim of the flight training department is to train well-equipped pilots with training curricula designed according to the standards stipulated by national and international civil aviation authorities. As the University of Turkish Aeronautical Association Faculty of Air Transport  Flight Training Department, we invite innovative and creative pilot candidates who pursue their dreams, who can turn knowledge into products, to study together.